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Welcome to San Diego Botanicals! We look forward to meeting your commercial & residential biophilic needs. Get your first month of service FREE with a signed year agreement.


San Diego Botanicals

Interior Plantscaping

Make a statement at your home or business with a custom interior plantscaping program. Our team of designers works with your personal aesthetic to achieve the perfect look for your space.

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San Diego Botanicals

Moss Art & Living Walls

Bring any wall to life with a Moss Art design or a lush Living Wall! Our low-maintenance Moss Art does not need light or water. Living Walls keep your fresh air naturally replenished, even indoors.

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San Diego Botanicals

Custom Arrangements

Orchid bowls, replica bowls, succulent bowls, and more! Our seasoned designers strive to bring you the perfect customized arrangements, for any unique space, and any occasion.

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Why Biophilic Design?


Here at San Diego Botanicals, we value everything that plant-life has to offer. From design to interior plant maintenance in San Diego, CA, we are dedicated to creating beautiful green spaces.


Incorporating biophilic design into work or home spaces has been shown to significantly improve overall mood, productivity, physical health, and even mental health, for anyone who gets to bask in it's beauty. We have lived in harmony with plants for millennia, so it's no surprise that our green friends keep us happy, healthy, and thriving!


Beyond health improvements, being surrounded by beautiful plant aesthetic is the perfect type of eye candy in our tech-driven modern world. Biophilic design gives our eyes a rest from the daily life of digital screens and harsh lighting.

San Diego Botanicals

Our Mission

Rooted in San Diego since 1971


Here at San Diego Botanicals, we strive to bring you the perfect green arrangements to suit your unique lifestyle needs. Whether for commercial work spaces, or a personal home sanctuary, we know just how to balance and blend the plant-life into your life-style.


With roots dating back to 1971, our expert designers and technicians have built and maintained countless plantscape arrangements for a wide variety of clients and spaces. Determining which plants are right for you is indeed an art, and our dedicated team treats it as such. We take great pride in collaborating with you, to bring your plantscaping and biophilic design fantasies to life!


Whether you have a green thumb, or, can't keep a plant alive if your life depended on it, we will set you up with the perfect solution to live out your green dream. Contact us, or request a quote, to get started on your own plant interior design in San Diego, CA. We will be happy to serve you.


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