Where to Put Plants in House

Where to put plants in house

As any San Diego plant aficionado knows – house plants San Diego require love and care as much as we do. They deserve their place in the sun – but not always literally. Using plants for embellishment is where the craft of plant arrangement comes in. Knowing where to put plants in house, however, is more about making your green friends happy and healthy. Not only will knowing where to put plants in house make you a more prolific indoor gardener, but also make your home, from bathroom to living room, look livelier than ever.

Group plants with similar preferences

Plants that require moisture will thrive more if kept in a group. When one plant releases moisture, another one will absorb it. Still, be wary not to place the plants in a cluster too close together, otherwise you run the risk of making it easier for insects to move from one plant to another. It could also lead to poor air circulation which increases the likelihood of diseases.

Any room can be the perfect place for plants

Living room is the place where you most likely spend the most of your time, so it only makes sense that you want to adorn it with as many gorgeous plants as you can. It is also probably the room with the most generous amount of natural light and the most comfortable temperature. Still, make sure not to put any overly delicate plants there. What we perceive as sufficient sunlight and pleasant temperature might not be adequate for every plant.

A room that is frequently overlooked when contemplating where to put plants in house is the kitchen. Yet, it is in the kitchen that most plants might actually thrive the most. This room has high humidity levels and higher than average temperature. It is especially convenient for herbs which can be put on the window sill where they can benefit from the sun as well as used for cooking. If you want to merely decorate the kitchen, try hanging planters and let them work their magic.

Plants like fuchsia and ivy actually enjoy being placed in a dark corner, with some exposure to sunlight every now and then, making them an excellent choice for the hallway.

When deciding where to put plants in house, don’t forget the bathroom. If it has a good source of natural light, it can accommodate larger plants placed in a container which goes well with the rest of your bathroom’s interior design.

Finally, reserve the bedroom for the plants which like it cool but can help you get your beauty sleep, as well as add a pop of color. Scented plants like jasmine and lavender are the ideal choice.

Fear not, San Diego Botanicals decides where to put plants in house for you

Create a welcoming environment for your plants and you’ll notice a world of difference in your home. Here at San Diego Botanicals, we can help you make up your mind where to put plants in house so they feel more at home in your home. Call us today and see for yourself!