An Astonishing Array: Types of Indoor Plants

types of indoor plantsWhen it comes to interior plant design, San Diego, the possibilities are virtually endless, and who knows where you might end up once you get into the groove.  Whether it’s living room plant decoration or jazzing up your kitchen, there are so many types of indoor plants to choose from and so many creative ways to arrange those green beauties that you’ll be dumbfounded. But to make that initial step a little easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of various types of indoor plants.

Common house plants

The reason why common house plants are, well, the most common among all types of indoor plants, is that most of them are easy to care for. The name might sound dull, but these beauties are not – just take a look at spider plant, the Peace Lily or the Jade plant and see for yourself.

Flowering plants

There’s no better way to add a pop of color to your home than with flowering plants. These little works of art may be delicate and more demanding in terms of care, but their sheer splendor makes it all worthwhile.

Foliage Plants

If you’re not that into flowers, but enjoy being surrounded by lush greenery, foliage plants should be your pick. Each of these plants is unique owing to its gorgeously variegated leaves.

Cactus plants

Some like it hot and sunny. The peculiar appearance and low-maintenance needs have made cacti a favorite for many indoor gardening aficionados.

Hanging plants

Nothing more fabulous than a bushy hanging plant hanging from your ceiling, and they’re the perfect touch for any room. Whether you’re going for the messy chic look or prefer the most minimalist décor, with hanging plants you just can’t go wrong.

Trailing and climbing plants

Indoor vines, climbers and trailing plants are such a delightful addition to every home. Whether in the kitchen or in the living room, they are simply fun to grow and arrange.

Succulent plants

Among various types of indoor plants, these fleshy and juicy plants are probably the most diverse. Grouped together, succulents create a wonderful display and a spectacular end result.

Large plants

If you’re into statement pieces when it comes to fashion, then consider going for a large plant. The best part is that they are typically tough and sturdy so you needn’t go out of your way for them to grow and thrive.

With San Diego Botanicals, choosing among various types of indoor plants is no conundrum

There are so many types of indoor plants that it can make your head spin. But with San Diego Botanicals, that won’t be a problem. In fact, we love helping you spruce up your home with houseplants – they bring new life into every home. Bring out your inner gardener and call us today!