plants that grow in fluorescent light

Thinking about adding a bit of nature’s touch to your working space? Make sure to contact a professional San Diego indoor plant maintenance provider before you decide on a plant sort, so you can get all the tips and tricks on how to care for plants on your office desk, some of which are absolutely ideal office plants, as well as indoor plants in general. Each plant has its benefits so you can never go wrong! If you’ve been contemplating to opt for one of the plants that grow in fluorescent light, here is a quick guide that will provide essential information about these green beauties.


One of the most common indoor plants, Dracaena, is a very grateful, easy-to-maintain sort. With regular watering (make sure not to go over the top when it comes to this aspect), your Dracaena will grow steadily in medium artificial lighting. When it becomes accustomed to a certain spot, however, it may not respond too well to change, so try to avoid switching this plant from one place to another.


Philodendrons are also the plants that grow in fluorescent light, and are quite commonly seen indoors. Watering them evenly, allowing the soil to dry until the next session, should keep your philodendrons happy and healthy. However, under a light source that is way too weak, a philodendron may “drop”, and its leaves may lose vitality, starting to turn yellow.

Peace lily

Peace lilies are another beautiful and easy-to-maintain green addition for your desk. They grow well even under weak artificial light, but if you wish to see them bloom, they will need a bit stronger light source. As they react to temperature changes, keep them away from the drafty areas, and you should be able to grow a strong, healthy plant.


A bamboo is one of the least demanding plants that grow in fluorescent light, as it can be simply placed in a vase with water, and kept under artificial light for a very long time. After a while, if you decide you like it and wish to give it a more steady “home”, you can remove it from the water and put it in the soil. Bamboo is a very adaptable plant sort when it comes to lighting, so you can start with stronger light sources close to it, changing its spot to a bit less illuminated one every week. After a while, your bamboo will get accustomed to low lighting conditions, leaving spots under stronger light for plant sorts that are more demanding when it comes to this aspect.

Several succulent sorts

Not all succulents are the plants that grow in fluorescent light, so make sure to choose a sort carefully. Avoid Split Rocks and Lithops, as they don’t do too well unless exposed to strong, natural light. Jade plants, on the other hand, seem to do beautifully under artificial light, so this is a sort that could be your dream choice of an indoor plant.

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