Ideas for Plant Decoration in Living Room

plant decoration in living room To create the perfect indoor garden, you’ll need the know-how on indoor plant maintenance San Diego before taking your pick from an astonishingly wide array of indoor plants. Once you’ve got that covered, you can focus on playing around with your indoor plants, and what better place to start than your living room, the heart of your home? As you’re about to find out, plant decoration in living room, just like plant arrangement, is a genuinely exciting part of indoor gardening. Not only is it awash with numerous creative approaches to choose from, but also the easiest way to transform your shabby living room into an absolute delight.

Fill that empty corner

The spiky snake plant can add texture to your living room, and requires very little care in return. It is the perfect choice for beginner indoor gardeners looking to add some edge to their living room design.

A mix-and-match plant combo

If you think about it, nature is all about mix-and-match combinations, and the end-result is always beautiful. Do the same in your living room and you’ll end up with a breathtaking view with little effort. Use plants of various textures, shapes and sizes and combine them into a unique installation. To add more complexity and volume, place the plants on different levels using shelves or stools.

Hanging plants

One foolproof way to decorate your living room using plants is to use hanging plants. Add a touch of boho-chic using baskets with strips of colorful fabric as containers and voila – you’ve got yourself a romantic, yet modern indoor plantscape.

Pots can be cool, too

When talking about indoor plants, we often overlook the power of an attractive-looking pot. You can buy pots and leave them as-is or decorate them by yourself so as to complement the plants inside them or match the rest of your living room design.

Branches as mini-trees

Vases are not only meant for flowers – they can also be used for branches. This is a very simple, yet very effective way to decorate a boring book shelf or take attention away from an old piece of furniture you’ve grown tired of.

Create a plant wall

This idea sounds much more complicated than it actually is – simply use a shelf to fill with plants. If you happen to have an empty wall in your living room, it’s the best way to put it good use. You can also use a bench – it’s a very basic piece of furniture that’s perfect for accommodating your beloved indoor plants.

With San Diego Botanicals, plant decoration in living room is a breeze

If you are having difficulty choosing which plants to put in your living room and deciding on the type of plant decoration in living room that will make the room really stand out, count on us! Here at San Diego Botanicals, we are always enthusiastic about making your home come alive with the perfect indoor plants. Call us today and give us the general gist – we’ll take care of all the rest!