#1 Office Plant Maintenance San Diego for happy indoor plants

So you got yourself and your employees some extraordinary office plants to make your workplace fresh and green. Now what? How to keep your indoor plants beautiful and lush? No need to worry. Not only do we design and install indoor plants for office, but we also take great care of them for you as well! We offer regular office plant maintenance in San Diego to keep your plants healthy all year round so you can focus on running a business. We guarantee that your happy, healthy – gorgeous San Diego office plants will enhance the aesthetics of your workplace, make your employees more productive and motivated, impress your clients and attract new ones! We will make sure that the best indoor plants for office stay the best of the best – for many years to come!

Office plant care San Diego that will keep your workplace beautiful. Happy plants equal happy employees, and happiness directly impacts your success.

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Office plant care San Diego that gives you lush plants to show off

As a business owner, you want your premises to be prestigious and elegant. You want to make an impression on your business partner and clients. You also want your personnel to feel calm, while staying focused and diligent at the same time. What better way to liven up your office and your employees than plants! But you also need an office plant service San Diego businesses rely on to provide you with impeccable indoor plant maintenance services. San Diego Botanicals is here to help! Let us add flair to every dull corner of your workplace and make it come alive. With our office plant maintenance, you will always have the best indoor plants for the office and a stylish green workplace to brag about!

Office plant maintenance San Diego that never lets you down

We know that keeping your indoor plants healthy and vibrant can be demanding. It takes time, energy, and expertise. However, what is a chore to you is a passion to us! Our team is trained, skilled, and experienced in all aspects of plant maintenance, but that’s not all. Here at San Diego Botanicals, we love plants and we love making you happy by bringing the outdoors to your spaces. We have been providing San Diego County with indoor plant services for more than three decades. The relationships we have formed with our clients are based on trust and flawless service. We guarantee your absolute satisfaction and if any plant fails on our watch, we will promptly replace it with a new one. Hire our top-notch corporate plant service and transform your office today!

What our clients say about us

Audry Agle


After staging our prior home for sale, I knew what a difference live plants make to the decor. When we moved into our new home, San Diego Botanicals Inc. came in and worked with us in placing beautiful plants and bowls all through the house, and maintains them so that my house always looks like a model. The staff is always friendly and goes above and beyond to keep everything perfect. I highly recommend San Diego Botanicals Inc.

More than San Diego indoor plant maintenance:

We take care of your every office plant need

As one of the best interior landscaping companies San Diego has to offer, we also boast experienced and qualified interior landscapers. If you want to add nature to your workplace, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us. Our design consultant will come up with a wonderful interior plants design at NO charge!
You will get a green, healthy and sophisticated office – just like you envisioned. We go the extra mile to make it even more beautiful than you expected! We also provide hassle-free professional plant installation. With San Diego Botanicals, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Call us and get ready to see your office in a new light!

A full spectrum of corporate plant services for your peace of mind

Every plant is different and may require different conditions, such as soil content, the amount of shade, light, and water, etc. We understand all of those needs and will maintain that healthy balance so your workplace can stay astonishing and fresh. Rely on our plant service professionals to meticulously water, clean, fertilize, prune your marvelous San Diego office plants using non-toxic solutions. If you spruced up your office with silk plants, our staff will keep them spotless, looking their best all the time! What’s more, they will do their job efficiently and discreetly, without disrupting the work environment.

Indoor plant company San Diego businesses depend on

We are the first choice for a number of companies throughout the San Diego area – companies such as KBNT, River Rock Real Estate Group, Synergy One Lending, Tapestry Solutions, UBS Financial Svcs, Watkins Manufacturing, Western Outdoor Design, KUSI, and NorthCentral University. Become one of them and make the most out of your workplace – with the help of our services!

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