office desk plantsWould you like to make your office space look and feel more appealing and natural? Selecting a few fresh plants is one of the most effective ways to refine your working environment. However, don’t forget that your office desk plants will require appropriate, regular office plant maintenance if you want to reap their amazing benefits. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your green fellow workers healthy and looking beautiful for a long time.

Watering your office desk plants

One of the most important aspects of proper office desk plants maintenance is using the right amount of fluid for watering them. Certain plants must receive water in a way that protects the leaves from being exposed to it, some require everyday watering, while some other need to be watered only once in every few days, or even weeks.  Different plant sorts have different needs, and it’s crucial to know how to water them right – otherwise, your lovely office flora might not last very long.

The importance of proper lighting

Apart from regular watering, your plants will also need the presence of the right amount of natural light. As mentioned previously, each sort requires special care, but it is almost a rule that every plant progresses better when exposed to a certain amount of natural light during the day. Some sorts, like plants that thrive in fluorescent light, will, of course, require different approach.

Choosing the appropriate containers

When it comes to office desk plants, size really does matter. Choosing the appropriate plant container is an important aspect of your plant care routine. When in a pot that is too small, the soil will dry very fast, requiring more attention when it comes to watering. Additionally, some plants will not be able to grow further after they have reached a certain point. On the other hand, the soil in a pot that is too big will dry a lot slower after watering, which might raise the risk of root rot.

Monitoring the office space working temperature

Harsh, sudden changes in room temperature may affect your plants. They will react to sudden switches from warm, humid conditions to cold ones (and vice versa), so be careful when using heating and cooling systems in the office. You should never place your plants near the radiators, or on the spots where air conditioning effects are the most noticeable.

Delegating care for your office desk plants

When you plan to spend some time away from the office (like going on vacation or a business trip), don’t forget to delegate the care for your desk plant. Ask one of the colleagues to keep an eye on it, so you can be sure that your beautiful green companion is there to greet you when you come back.

Premium office desk plants maintenance for healthy and happy plants

With proper care, a desk plant will be an amazing addition to your working station. San Diego Botanicals is a professional team passionate about helping you enrich your San Diego office space with healthy, stunningly beautiful green buddies. Contact us today, and we will gladly offer the assistance in choosing the right sorts, providing the appropriate plant maintenance as well. When you understand the basic needs of your plants, they are grateful for your care, growing beautifully and making the office look pure and relaxing.