How to Arrange Indoor Plants

How to arrange indor plantsWhat is so amazing about house plants services San Diego is that the end-result can take the form of a work of art. First things first – to grow healthy indoor plants, whichever your favorite plant type may be, they need to receive proper care and be placed in locations where they can thrive. But when it comes to your home’s interior design, the secret lies in knowing how to arrange indoor plants so they create a truly beautiful display.

We’ve dug up some tips and tricks to help you enhance the visual appeal of your home by accentuating indoor plants. Indoor plant arrangement is an incredibly simple, yet astonishingly effective way of making your home come alive.

Large plants need space

In smaller rooms, smaller plants work like a charm – they add a pop of color and remain eye-catching. But for open spaces and more spacious rooms, a single large plant is the perfect choice. Avoid placing large plants in small rooms, as they might take up too much space and make the room look and feel overcrowded.

Combining colors

You can either choose colorful plants that match your existing indoor design, or be bold and choose plants with contrasting colors. If you prefer to stick to green plants, try out various shades of green, or go for variegated plants to spice it up.

Complementary plants

Similar-looking plants might end up looking a bit dull and bland when kept in a group. On the other hand, doing a mix-and-match display is the simplest way to create a dramatic look. Combine plants with different colors, textures and foliage types.

Flaunt those eccentric-looking plants

Some plants, like the bonsai tree or succulents, are simply unique and cannot be combined well with others. They deserve to feel as special as they look. Make use of their unusual appearance and put them in a prominent location.

Accent plants as the center of attention

Some bigger plants might not be as conspicuous when surrounded by other plants. Make this accent plant the focus of attention by using it as a stand-alone plant placed in a suitable pot.

Create depth by playing with diverse heights

Use shelves, window sills, tables and the like to arrange plants so as to achieve a diversity of heights. Keep the taller ones in the background and the smaller ones in the front.

San Diego Botanicals shows you how to arrange indoor plants so they look like artwork

You know how you look at those home decoration catalogues and wish your home could be as pretty? Here at San Diego Botanicals, we know how to arrange indoor plants so your indoor area looks exactly like the picture-perfect homes in the catalogue. Our designers can transform your indoor space by incorporating indoor plants in amazingly creative ways, without needing to change a single piece of furniture. Get in touch with us today and let us show you!