Preserved Or Silk Plants San Diego – What Soothes Your Soul?

Preserved or silk plants San DiegoWe’ve already compared live and silk plants San Diego, but how do you choose between silk and preserved plants? For those of us who lack the green thumb, both options sound marvelous as they both have extremely low maintenance expectations. At first glance, it seems like you cannot go wrong either way. Still, there are differences and we hope to help you make the best call with this side-by-side comparison between preserved and silk plants San Diego.

Visual appeal

Preserved plants are all-natural and yes, even fragrant, while silk plants are just natural-looking, but that does not make them any less convincing. What’s more, faux plants are extremely durable and therefore remain equally appealing in the visual sense regardless of the conditions and for what is virtually a lifetime. Preserved plants, on the other hand, can stay beautiful for years, but only under optimum conditions.

Pet & children safety

Both are safe for children and pets, so you needn’t ever worry about poisoning or allergies. Still, to keep preserved plants safe and sound, they should be kept out of reach of your munchkins and your animal friends.

Care & maintenance

In this sense, faux plants win by a mile. Although both require very little maintenance (zero watering and zero soil), preserved plants may never leave the safety of your home and must stay indoors at all times. On the other hand, silk plants, much like artwork, pretty much require only the occasional dusting and wiping.

What’s more, long exposure to sunlight and heat sources will cause preserved plants harm, which is not the case with silk plants which can survive literally anywhere. Humidity level should be kept at about 70% to secure longevity and prosperity of preserved plants, while silk plants are unaffected by it.

Longevity & sensitivity

As mentioned, silk plants are sturdy and resilient and will therefore thrive under any conditions. You can literally keep them forever. Preserved plants, on the other hand, are somewhat more fragile, so touching them is not advisable. However, if you are careful and keep them out of harm’s way, you can enjoy their company for many happy years.


As far as the price goes, silk plants should fit anyone’s budget, while preserved plants are somewhat pricier. Still, unlike live plants which require potentially costly maintenance, both silk and preserved plants are entirely affordable. Due to both of these types of plants being undemanding in terms of maintenance, there are basically no costs past the initial purchase.

San Diego Botanicals proudly presents the most life-like preserved and silk plants San Diego

If you should choose preserved or silk plants San Diego over live ones, the overall ambiance in your home will still be lively and the end-result deeply fulfilling. These beauties are not only vibrant and evergreen regardless of the time of year, but also incredibly low-maintenance. Call us today and let us make your home a happier place!

Forever Young – The Secret Life Of Preserved Plants San Diego

Preserved plants San DiegoRiddle me this – what kind of indoor greenery is not as demanding as natural plants, but in no way faux? All-natural preserved plants San Diego combine the best of both worlds – their sheer beauty is absolutely irresistible, yet their maintenance is practically effortless. Embellishing your home with majestic and incredibly life-like preserved plants is like surrounding yourself with captivating works of art created by Mother Nature and just a touch of science. San Diego Botanicals lets you in on the secrets behind preserved plants San Diego.

How are they made?

Plant preservation is a process which uses only natural ingredients to preserve a plant in all its glory, while in its prime. The plant is placed in a special room where its sap is allowed to evaporate before it becomes replaced with a unique mixture of natural ingredients. The rest of the process comes down to some rinsing and drying and voilà, the plant is preserved in all its splendor.

The end-product is therefore 100 % natural and, by extension, 100 % biodegradable. What’s more, it’s so realistic that it takes time to distinguish between a fresh plant and its preserved look-alike. And what is truly amazing about preserved plants is that they also get to keep their delicious scent for years.

Caring for preserved plants

Preserved plants do not require maintenance, but they do need attention. What most people love about them is that there is no need to water them whatsoever. You can also forget about the soil (great news for pet-owners).

What’s important to remember is that preserved plants should be kept indoors at all times, but away from heat sources and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The optimum level of humidity is under 70%. Also keep in mind that these beauties do not like to be touched, since once damaged, there is no going back.


The lifespan of preserved plants depends on several factors, among which are how much exposure to direct sunlight they get, the level of humidity in your home, and, last but not least, how you handle them. It also depends on the type of plant itself. Over time, these plants might change color or lose their shape. Still, it’s safe to say that, with these factors taken into consideration, they will stay evergreen and delightful for many years, just like silk plants.

Make your home come alive with showstopping plants San Diego from San Diego Botanicals

Live, silk or preserved plants, just take your pick! The beginning of the year is a time for a fresh start, and nothing says fresh like the sight of greenery. Tell us how you want to revamp your home this year, and we’ll put together the best selection of plants San Diego for you to choose from. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Pamper Your San Diego Plants This Winter

Winterizing San Diego plantsWhether they’re silk plants or all-natural, San Diego plants make your home feel like spring even in the winter. In the spirit of the year-end generosity, it’s only fair that you devote some time to taking special care of them, so as to make them feel loved and safe from harm. Stay tuned and read what you can do to keep your indoor plants happy and healthy in the wintertime.

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Bring The Holiday Spirit Into Your Home With The Most Festive Plants San Diego

Christmas plants San DiegoIt’s that time of the year again, when the holiday season is upon us. It’s also the time to choose the most Christmassy plants San Diego to wonderfully complement that holiday euphoria. Faux or natural, they are the perfect Christmas gift to get for people you hold dear or yourself. This holiday season, create a beautiful plantscape in your home in which to share precious moments with friends, family and your new green friends. What’s more, the delicious scent of these plants will bring back fond memories of Christmas year round!

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Pothos – A Practically Effortless Way to Start Off Your Indoor Collection of Plants San Diego

So you’ve made up your mind and decided that you want your home to be closer to nature.  After reading our handy list of what pests to be on the lookout for and gained some much-needed insight into the inner-workings of plants, you’re ready to get started. But where to start? When it comes to plants San Diego, we recommend starting off with a simple beauty that will enrich your life, beautify your home and help you learn your gardening 101 in an easy and practical way. Introducing: pothos.

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Aglaonema – A Prime Example of Lush Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants San Diego

Aglaonema - indoor plants San DiegoBefore you start creating your indoor garden, whether you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your office or breathe new life into your home (quite literally), you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge.  Other than going over common plant diseases to be mindful of and learning the basic tricks of the trade,  you’ll need to choose which indoor plants San Diego to incorporate into the said garden. With its lush foliage and easy maintenance, aglaonema is a wonderful and near-perfect plant to start with.

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Common Diseases that Target Indoor Plants San Diego

Plants San Diego - diseasesIt is wonderful to own indoor plants. Useful as well. Not only do they enrich your home with their good looks and scent, they also offer many benefits to your work environment. They do, however, need proper care. As you have already learned what pests to look out for, let’s shift our attention to a different problem – diseases. These are some of the most common diseases that can attack your indoor plants San Diego. Here’s a closer look at the causes, the symptoms, and the treatment.

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FAQ about Silk Plants San Diego

Silk plants San Diego FAQIf you are often away, or have little time to take care of a real indoor plant, you might want to consider another option. Faux plants are the best alternative  when it comes to embellishing your home or workspace. All current and potential owners of these beautiful and forgiving plants face certain doubts, so we have decided to answer the most common questions about silk plants San Diego.

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Faux or the Real Thing – What is the Right Plant for You?

Silk plants San Diego - faux or real? Plants, like people, are a peculiar kind that comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are needy and some are low-maintenance. Some are delicate, vulnerable and need all the care in the world, while others are strong, sturdy and entirely independent. If you are into the outdoorsy lifestyle and love to surround yourself with nature, you might go for the real thing for its liveliness and fragrance. If you are a more practical, no-nonsense kind of person, you might be more inclined to opt for silk plants as they represent a rational investment of your time, energy and money. Of course, if you are a little bit of both, you can always have the best of both worlds. Either way, the plants in your home should complement both who you are as a person and your lifestyle choices. Take a look at various live and silk house plants San Diego, and find the perfect match for your personality! To make the right call, ask yourself the following questions.

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Grow Plants to Grow Your Business

Grow business with corporate plant serviceThere is no wrong way to go about adding plants to your office space, and absolutely no reason not to do it. There’s more to plants in a place of business than mere visual appeal. With the right office design enhanced with plants, you’ll see your business thrive. Plants are not a purely aesthetic addition to your office, they are an absolute godsend. Aside from boosting workplace productivity, they create a warm atmosphere that your employees will enjoy and your clients will find inviting and welcoming. Choose a corporate plant service with the experience and expertise to make your place of business stand out and your business flourish!

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