The Best Plants For The Workplace

best plants for the workplaceThese days, companies offering indoor plant maintenance services in San Diego can hardly keep up with the growing demand for indoor plants. The reason: by now, we are all aware of the impressive effects of plants on our well-being, both at home and at work. In fact, since most of us spend so much of our time at work, we all want to get our hands on the best plants for the workplace and for our office desks, even if it has mostly artificial lighting. And here’s the list of indoor plants which hold that title!

The best plants for the workplace with a low-light setting:

Peace Lily – the pretty plant that you can put on your desk is efficient at cleaning air;

Parlor Palm – purifies air and thrives indoors;

Snake Plants – this elegant plant doesn’t care if your gardening skills are subpar, plus it removes formaldehyde and benzene from indoor air;

Boston Fern – this lush and lacy beauty enjoys indirect light and plenty of moisture;

Cast Iron Plant – even if your office dimly lit with a constantly cool temperature, this tough little guy will leathery foliage will thrive;

The best plants for the workplace to reduce pollutants:

Rubber Tree Plant – this popular office plant is effective at removing air pollutants;

Corn Plant – a beautiful variegated plant, efficient at removing air toxins;

English Ivy – great for offices with poor air circulation as it filters out formaldehyde;

Aloe – not only does it purify air, but also contains a soothing gel that’s an excellent first aid for scrapes and burns;

Bamboo Palm – an excellent choice if you have a spacious office.

The best plants for the workplace that are low-maintenance:

Chinese Evergreen – this colorful plant thrives in low light, requires little care and removes air toxins;

Philodendron – available in two varieties (climbing and non-climbing), this ever-popular indoor plant is easy to care for;

ZZ Plant – you can neglect it all you like, the plant is virtually indestructible, even in a windowless office, and invariably attractive;

Jade Plant – this plant owes its popularity to its high resilience and puffy oval leaves;

Areca Palm – if you are looking for a plant to brighten up your office space, this feathery plant is the perfect choice.

San Diego Botanicals offers the best plants for the workplace and more

Whether you’re an old hand at indoor gardening or have just recently realized that an office plant might make your day at the office more enjoyable and less stressful, come to San Diego Botanicals! We’ll be more than happy to recommend plants that would be the perfect addition to your office – an attractive feature that will benefit you in more ways than one. Call San Diego Botanicals today!