Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Best indoor plantsIn front of you is a meticulously composed list of indoor plants San Diego that truly belong in your home and will leave you wondering how you could ever live without them. What makes them the best indoor plants is that they freshen up our homes and help us wake up feeling fresh without asking for much. This time, we’ve composed a top list based entirely on the Internet community’s preferences, that is, a list of the best indoor plants according to the kind plant-loving folks of the Internet.

In order to make the quintessential popularity list, we went all out. We did comprehensive research based on other people’s selfless reviews and comments on social networks and specialized websites and chose the best indoor plants accordingly. That’s what’s so awesome about the Internet – you get the immensely helpful insight of other people that just can’t be found anywhere else. After all, sharing is caring!


This petite plant’s waxy and colorful foliage is a striking detail to spice up your living room.

Boston fern

This delicate-looking lacy fern is actually pretty tough, and it will add a jazzy yet elegant touch to your home’s interior.


Culinary aficionado’s favorite house plant, mint is also a powerful insect repellant. On top of all that, its irresistible scent boosts brain power.

Weeping fig

This spectacular-looking tree-like plant is a must-have interior design element, in addition to its low-maintenance expectations and ability to improve indoor air quality.

Peace lily

Often voted one of the best indoor plants, Peace lily does not only boast gorgeous flowers, but also high efficiency at tackling airborne toxins.


Due to its extremely low care needs, incredible ability to eliminate formaldehyde from the air and beautifully variegated leaves, this trailing vine is everything you could look for in a plant.

Aloe vera

Easy to care for, this leafy succulent is well known for its amazing health benefits, among which is eliminating air toxins.

Spider plant

Although it’s best known as a decorative house plant, spider plant actually offers pure, toxin-free air and, in terms of care, has pretty modest expectations.

Snake plant

Extremely efficient at purifying air from toxins, this easy-maintenance plant with tall, snazzy leaves is the perfect addition to your home.


Not only does this heart-shaped plant absorb air toxins, but it’s also easy to grow and maintain. On top of that, the climbing vine can transform any room from dull to lively.

English ivy

Besides being the number one air-filtering plant, English ivy is easy to grow and looks endlessly beautiful cascading from the floor.

San Diego Botanicals’s best indoor plants bring nature into your home

It’s always the right time to get closer to nature, and your home is the best place to do it. If you’ve set your mind on embellishing your home with the best indoor plants but still don’t know which ones to choose, San Diego Botanicals will do all of the work for you. Just tell us what you have envisioned and we’ll employ a creative yet professional approach to making it a reality. Call us today and let us show you how!