The Benefits Of Indoor Plants In Your Office

benefits of indoor plants in officeSan Diego office plant maintenance is one flourishing business, as companies and employees alike begin to recognize the value of indoor plants, outside of their ornamental purpose. This is why discussing the benefits of indoor plants in office in general terms is no longer good enough. It is time to be more specific – which plants are the best and why, even if natural light is scarce. Well here it is: why indoor plants belong in your office and on your office desk!

Cleaner air

It is a widely known fact – more plants means more oxygen and less carbon dioxide. Nowhere is the power of plants to clean air needed more than in air-conditioned offices.

Increasing the visual appeal of the office

You might have already noticed that an office with plants, that is, an office featuring a biophilic design, is a much more pleasant, welcoming work environment than one without plants and natural light. We now know that new recruits and clients also respond better to a nature-inspired office design.

No. 1 on the list of benefits of indoor plants in office – stress reduction

Introducing plants to the work environment is known to lead to a huge drop in tension, anxiety, fatigue and stress levels. In other words, plants in the workplace have the ability to promote both performance and wellbeing. The fact that most plants are green might have something to do with it – the color green is known to have a calming effect.

Higher productivity levels

Adding plants to the office raises the employee’s productivity. The reasons for this might be the mood lifting and memory enhancing powers of plants, which, for the obvious reasons, guarantee better performance.

A creativity boost

Looking at nature (even if it’s a single plant, or merely an image of nature) affects the workings of the brain, sharpening our focus and making us feel more relaxed.

Science-backed benefits of indoor plants in office: reduction of sickness and absences

We’ll spare you the statistics that show the positive effect of plants on the health of people at the office and their power to decrease symptoms of ill health and cut to the chase. According to one explanation, plants help us alleviate symptoms of the so-called sick building syndrome. Another explanation claims that people’s positive reaction to nature is general is the main reason behind this.

Reducing the levels of noise

You might have experienced the nasty effects of excessive noise: making you feel tired and irritable. Well, the ability to absorb noise is another, lesser-known superpower of plants.

San Diego Botanicals shows you the benefits of indoor plants in office

The decorative purpose of indoor plants has been overshadowed by the amazing benefits that plants so readily offer. Science has finally proven what nature and gardening aficionados have known all along – plants literally make us feel better, healthier, happier. Here at San Diego Botanicals, we’ll be absolutely delighted to help you choose your new green friends for home or office, so call us today!