Why Silk Plants

Artificial house plants are blooming in the design world. What was once used only to commemorate special occasions, has become a universal decoration. Indoor silk plants could be a centerpiece of your living room or a beautiful addition to your kitchen countertop. Silk flower arrangements could make a wonderful statement in your office.

Weddings will no longer be the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the words ‘artificial plants San Diego CA’.

With a little inspiration, the possibilities of decorating your space with outdoor or indoor silk plants are endless. That’s where we come in! Here at San Diego Botanicals, we provide the best silk plants San Diego can offer. What’s more, our decorative plant service and professional plant installation come completely free of charge!

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Silk Plants for Homes

You’d like to add a pop of color and some green to your home but have a brown thumb or keep forgetting to water your plants? Perhaps you don’t have time to provide your flowers with proper care or just don’t want to deal with all that maintenance. We offer you a solution: silk house plants! They are beautiful, affordable, hypoallergenic, pet-friendly, and easy to maintain.

Get ready to fall in LOVE!

Artificial plants in San Diego are an exquisite alternative to fresh flowers. Our outdoor and indoor silk plants are made from the finest materials. You’ll be amazed at their realistic look and feel. Best of all, you’re going to have so much fun using these indoor silk plants to decorate your home. Our qualified interior landscapers are here to help – for free!


The best silk flowers San Diego has to offer are gorgeous and amazingly realistic. Unless you’re up for a sniff, you can hardly tell the difference between them and the real deal.


With proper care, top-quality artificial flowers in San Diego can last for years! These plants are a lot easier to maintain than the real ones but still need cleaning and dusting. No worries, it’s our job to keep them clean.


No watering, no pruning, no specific plant needs, most of all - no wilting and no hassle. Silk house plants do require some level of maintenance but we’ll take care of it. Enjoy your artificial house plants worry-free all year round!


Do you suffer from allergies? We bring good news! Artificial plants are pollen-free. They are also safe for your pets! With artificial house plants, everyone can enjoy the beauty of flowers and a touch of nature in their home.

Silk Plants for Offices

Artificial plants in San Diego are winning the hearts of more and more business owners each day. They are attractive, cost-effective, and practical, offering an array of design options that will impress any client.

We can help you create a stunning focal point in your office with our first-rate artificial plants in San Diego! With our imagination and our silk flower arrangements, everything is possible. Tell us your needs and wishes, and we will tailor a one-of-a-kind interior landscape design that will leave you, your employees and your guests in awe!


Give your clients the very best impression the minute they enter your premises. Premium artificial flowers in San Diego are so realistic they can even fool the eyes of an expert up close!


Delicate looking, yet sturdy, artificial plants can look beautiful for years. We will dust and clean the plants regularly to make sure they keep enhancing your office for many, many years to come!


Artificial greenery is particularly well suited to low-light spaces and facilities with too low or high humidity and temperature levels. Silk flowers will embellish any environment where live plants can’t thrive.


No need to worry if any of your employees, clients and guests have allergies. Artificial plants are pollen- and allergy-free. No one who enters your office will get the sniffles in the presence of silk plants!

Artificial Plants San Diego can be YOUR little SECRET

Want your home or office to always look its best? We can make it happen! Reach out to San Diego Botanicals and enhance your space with the most sophisticated silk flowers San Diego can provide. Our interior landscapers will work with you on the design at ZERO charge. We will then set up your artificial or silk plants with ZERO hassle, also for free. Whenever necessary, we will also give your artificial indoor plants #1 maintenance in San Diego. The results: a gorgeously decorated business or home. We are a full-service indoor plant company in San Diego and a family-owned business built on passion and dedication. We care about plants and about people. For more than 35 years, we have been opening up a whole new world, the world of plants, for them - right there into their offices and homes. Let us do the same for you - first month free!