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We Guarantee Our Plants*

The plants we install in your office or home are lush and healthy, true champions among San Diego plants. Our dedicated team will also make sure they stay that way! We want you to fully enjoy the green oasis we created for you - all year round, for many years to come. That’s why we offer ongoing maintenance of your plants in San Diego, guaranteeing your absolute satisfaction. The plants will thrive under our care! If, however, any of the plants fail on our watch, we will replace it as soon as possible - completely FREE of charge. *With a Service Maintenance Agreement.

Our Process

1. Free On-Site Assessment

We will visit your office/home and carry out a free evaluation of the site to determine light levels, space, and other parameters important for the location of your plants.

2. Free needs analysis

We will also talk about your wishes, examine your requirements and needs, as well as establish your goals.

3. Free Design Solution

Our interior landscapers will work with you to create a beautiful retreat that will transform your space! What you envision is what we deliver.

4. Maintenance schedule

From watering to pruning, we will tend to the needs of every individual plant you have in your office or home.

This is Just a Glimpse of What We Can Do for You!

What our clients say about us

Audry Agle


After staging our prior home for sale, I knew what a difference live plants make to the decor. When we moved into our new home, San Diego Botanicals Inc. came in and worked with us in placing beautiful plants and bowls all through the house, and maintains them so that my house always looks like a model. The staff is always friendly and goes above and beyond to keep everything perfect. I highly recommend San Diego Botanicals Inc.

This San Diego Plant Service Brings Nature and Art Together

We are a full-service indoor plant service in San Diego with decades of experience and success in the industry. We are a family-owned business that has gathered a team of equally passionate and skilled plant professionals eager to help others beautify their space with plants. We are here to help you. We are one of the leading interior landscaping companies in San Diego, and we bring nature, people, and art together!

Unique Interior Landscape Designs San Diego Made to IMPRESS

Do you opt for lobby plants, living walls, tropical plants or maybe silk flowers in San Diego? Here at San Diego Botanicals, we offer the best indoor plants for office or home, including top-quality artificial plants in San Diego. Are you looking for a way to brighten up your office and get a stimulating environment for your employees that will also impress your clients? Do you want to create an eye-catching and comfortable display at home? Our talented and highly qualified interior landscapers in San Diego will go through every little detail of your design during a free initial consultation, determining your goals and meeting your needs and budget. We will develop a perfect interior plants design for your layout and install your plants at ZERO charge. With the right indoor plants and design, we can make even the smallest space can shine!

San Diego Indoor Plant Maintenance for Plants Blooming with Happiness

We are a renowned indoor plant company San Diego residents can truly rely on. We are here to fulfill your each and every plant need. If you want to spruce up your office or home with plants and keep them healthy and blooming, all you need to do is call us. Under our care, you can rest assured all your plants will be blooming with happiness and joy! Our savvy team of plant service professionals knows the needs of each plant backward and forward and will carefully water, prune, fertilize and clean your green marvels using toxin-free solutions. You will always have an impeccably landscaped display of well-maintained plants. San Diego Botanicals is here to help you create and a healthy, comfortable and gorgeously green environment, and keep it that way year-round! Digitally Marketing by Seooneclick seattle office

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