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We offer design, installation and maintenance of interior plants, as well as sell a variety of flowers.

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Are you looking for ways to breathe in new life to your home or office space? San Diego Botanicals Inc. can help you in plantscaping any space you have in mind – residences, offices, lobbies, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. We hope you know how important first impression is and how quick it is to form and reluctant to change. Complementing a space with plants will make people want to come back and suggest them you are a person or company with taste and sophistication – which is certainly a desirable impression regardless of who the other is, a guest, a customer or a client.

San Diego Botanicals is an interior plantscaping company with a passion for transforming closed spaces into oases that promote well-being and beauty.

How can you benefit from indoor and commercial plants?

The health benefits plants confer us really make them a necessity rather than an aesthetical detail. Different trends over the centuries have been coming in and out of fashion, but interior plants themselves will never be out of vogue. And they shouldn’t – because they bring us numerous health advantages on top of being a pleasure for the senses.

  • Houseplants and office plants ramp up levels of oxygen in the air and absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Plants humidify indoor air, making it more pleasant in drier months and arid climates. This reduces the occurrence of dry skin, colds, sore throats and dry coughs.
  • Plants cleanse the air indoors and this has been confirmed by NASA’s research into the impact of plant leaves and roots on the gas makeup in tightly sealed spaces.
  • Indoor plants boost productivity as they invoke a feeling of being in nature. They improve memory retention, concentration and accuracy.
  • Plants promote healing and recovery – so, bringing hospital patients flowers isn’t just social etiquette, it’s scientifically backed. Convalescent patients exposed to plants experience lower systolic blood pressure and less pain, anxiety and fatigue.

How can San Diego Botanicals Inc. help you enhance your space?

San Diego Botanicals Inc. offers comprehensive services for residential indoor and commercial plants. Our mission is to bring beauty and health into closed spaces by combining the gifts of nature and human creativity. We hand-select high quality plants grown in Hawaii and Florida and complement them with modern containers for a maximum effect.

Our services span from the design stage, over installation to maintenance. We like to work closely with our customers to make sure we accommodate all their needs and wishes. After the initial interview and inspection of the conditions of the space, we draft a proposal. A bonus for our customers is that our design services are complimentary.

Our offer ranges from beautiful live plants to unbelievably convincing artificial ones which are procured from a local San Diego shop specializing in silk plants and flowers. With us you can get premier custom replica plants.

After the installation of your indoor and office plants, we will continue to take care of them. Plants are replenished with nutrients and fertilized, pests are managed through eco-friendly products and the plants are thoroughly cleaned to ensure they look their best at all times. If you like, you can opt for rotations of bromeliad and orchid rotations.

We guarantee you top quality plants and service. However, even with all the careful considerations and care it sometimes happens plants decline. In that case, such plants will be replaced free of charge.

Why should you trust San Diego Botanicals Inc. to do your plantscaping?

What instills us with confidence in people we work with is the values they uphold. San Diego Botanicals Inc. stands for integrity, innovation and creativity. We have been serving the San Diego area since 1971, during which time we developed with trends in interior design and horticulture.

Our commitment to timely delivery of beautiful and inspiring solutions for interior plantscaping is matched only by our reliability for top maintenance of the installed plants. These practices have earned us an ever-growing base of satisfied customers.

We are a local, family-owned business that hires skillful technicians and works with local suppliers to support the local community as much as possible. We are highly reputed for offering comprehensive expert services at very reasonable prices.

Our experience is extensive and varied, so we can cater for any needs you might have – big or small. You can make any space more pleasant and enjoyable with some of our gorgeous live indoor and office plants available, as well as attractive containers and amazing replica plants.

If you are looking for a trusted interior plantscaping company in San Diego or a more dependable maintenance service, give San Diego Botanicals Inc. a call. We’d be delighted to work with you and show you why our business model is so successful in making our customers happy and satisfied!

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