This Is Why You’ll Love Silk Plants In Your San Diego Home Or Office

silk plants san diegoI often come across the same reaction when I suggest someone a silk plant for their arrangement – the surprised, slightly confused and even suspicious pause and a look that almost says: Aren’t you supposed to promote live plants? Yes, and exactly because I’m a professional I know when a silk plant would work better than a live one.

If you still imagine a crudely-cut loudly-painted flower-wannabe when you hear the words “silk plant”, you should update your idea of them. Silk plants – faux, artificial or fake plants – have evolved immensely in their visual and tactile appeal. At least when we are talking about silk plants in San Diego. There could be places that don’t have beautiful-looking silk plants easily available, but that’s not your case. San Diego Botanicals offers full-scale design and maintenance services for silk plants in San Diego that provide premium quality at competitive prices.

And here’s why we would recommend silk plants for your residential or commercial space.

Dark-proof and cold-proof

Sure there are various plants that can survive in quite uncaring conditions, but if you really want a plant in your space that needs conditions other than you might provide it, silk plants are the solution.

Virtually limitless choices

You can just go for what you like, without considering the conditions. You might think that this is the same like the previous point, but it’s not. Take orchids – they like north-facing room with almost low light and a temperature that is very mild. However, if you’d really like one graceful elegant orchid in front of your south-facing window, a silk one will make your wish come true.

Silk plants offer you sumptuous arrangements for a fraction of the cost of a live one. Let’s say you adore velvety crimson roses. Get a silk bouquet for your living room side table and enjoy it for days and months (before and after Valentine’s Day).

Also, with silk plants you will always have beautiful healthy-looking flowers all year round, even though their live counterparts might flower only for a certain period.

Cause no allergies

This is especially important to consider if you have a commercial space with customers and visitors coming in. Don’t let your plantscaping vision jeopardize your business.

Pet and child-friendly

Some very common plants can put the risk of your child or furry family members at risk when touched or eaten. You don’t have to worry about that when you have a silk plant.

Not interesting to pests and insects

Consequently, no pesticides are needed, which is another health consideration. Also, you don’t have to worry about insects, such as bees. Silk plants offer no food to critters.

Almost zero-maintenance

To look their best, silk plants need just an occasional dusting and maybe a wiping with a damp cloth. Going on holiday? Have no fear – your plants will stay as lush and attractive as the day you went away.

Almost forever beautiful

We cannot say that there is absolutely no limit to the silk plant’s lifespan (beautyspan would be more like it). However, they undoubtedly last longer than live plants.