Top Pet-Friendly House Plants in San Diego

Pets and plants don’t always go together, to the disappointment of many pet owners with green thumbs. Plants poisonous to cats and dogs are covered in more detail in another post, so here we will focus on what you can bring into your home without worrying about the safety of your furry friends.

The plants that are listed here are quite easy to grow, which is an added bonus.

Spider Plant - Pet Friendly House Plants San DiegoSpider plants

This resilient plant will thrive almost anywhere, so it’s practically an indestructible no-brainer. It is also a versatile plant that can provide a nice accent to the surroundings and you can also put it in a basket.

Arecca palm

If you want an indoor tree, Arecca palm is for you. This gentle leafy plant has a considerable potential for vertical growth, so take that into account when choosing. Arecca palm is quite forgiving when you forget to water it. You should water it maximum once a week as the soil has to be completely dry when you do it. As far as the light goes, this palm likes it bright, but indirect.


Boston Fern - Pet Friendly House Plants San DiegoBoston ferns

Boston fern is among those ferns that are safe for your pet. Like all ferns, it likes indirect light in fair amounts and a higher level of humidity. If you have a spacey bathroom, try it out there. Otherwise, mist it with a spray a few times a week to give it the humidity it needs.

Bamboo palm

Bamboo is also among the easiest house plants for San Diego pet owners. Like Arecca palm, it is fond of bright indirect light and the soil should be dry to touch before you water it. Bamboo palm is also on NASA’s list of house plants that purify the indoor air, so you can enjoy a fresher home as well. This plant can also grow quite high.

Echeveria - Pet Friendly House Plants San DiegoEcheveria

This pretty succulent is another one of those sturdy house plants for San Diego home owners who are not proficient in the aspect of gardening. Echeveria will thrive in the bright San Diego sunshine and it won’t mind drought either. However, if you want to be nice to it, keep its soil moist.

Ponytail palm

This palm grows up to 3 feet in height and it is a plant with almost hands-free maintenance. Its trunk stores water, so when the temperatures are not very high you need only water it from time to time. As far as light goes, it likes bright light, but doesn’t mind getting it only half the time. You can put it outside during the summer and it will put up with almost any amount of light it gets inside.

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