Top Fragrant Indoor Plants for San Diego Homes

Fragrant indoor plants in San DiegoCertain indoor plants will not only enliven your space with colors and shapes, but they will also envelop your home in fragrance. The choice is wide, especially in the sunny and mild climate of Cali. Truth be told, some of these beautifully smelling plants will require daily, loving care in return for their scent. If you don’t have a green thumb, but would like to enrich your living space with indoor plants in San Diego, you can always get a trusted local plantscaping and maintenance service like San Diego Botanicals to take care of your plants.


Let’s start from the easiest-growing, hardest-to-kill and universally-loved mint. Mint really loves life. We’ve heard of examples when people simply found it sprouting in their pots or gardens one day. Mint is very forgiving, requires little in way of care and gives so much in return. The scent is refreshing, invigorating and, sometimes sweet. Not only can you simply smell it to perk up, you can also pick a few leaves to make tea, season salads, infuse water or lemonade or sprinkle it on your cheesecake (it’s a total game changer, cheesecake will probably never taste the same without it).

There are many varieties of mint, like spearmint, peppermint, lemon mint and apple mint. They are great for window spots, as they like bright light, but keep an eye on the leaves. If they start wilting and turning yellow, you might want to protect your plant from too much direct sunlight.


The delicate color palette and the soothing smell of lavender are instant aromatherapy. Lavender tolerates drought and loves ample sunlight, so it enjoys San Diego homes. It’s another generous plant – even the dead flowers give off the scent. Deadhead your lavender regularly and store the dead flowers to put on your nightstand. Enjoy the smell wafting in the bedroom as you fall asleep.


Still listing the easiest-to-grow plants. Geranium has a really wild choice of scents to choose from – do you want to be reminded of strawberries, apricots, mint, citrus or chocolate? Geraniums are also a great match for San Diego homes, as they like sunlight and need only as much water as necessary to get by. To feel the delicate odor, gently brush the leaves or slightly bruise them.


Primroses are equally fond of sunlight and tolerant of infrequent watering as the above-mentioned plants. Their color varieties and their radiating leaf base look retro traditional and could remind you of childhood.


They say no experience is required to grow paperwhites. They are pretty independent, so to speak. Just put them in a shallow container and choose bright lit spots. They will thank you with a beautiful scent and lovely look (they are called Narcissus paperwhites, after all).


This plant seems whimsical when it comes to how easy it is to grow it. Some say they could never keep it alive, while other will raise their brow to such a statement. They are more commonly grown outside, but with proper care they can be kept indoors. Gardenias give off a heavenly heady smell – no wonder gardenias top the lists of fragrant plants.


Orchids are also not a good choice for the unexperienced. There is a bunch of varieties, both in terms of look and smells. The range spans from vanilla and chocolate, over citrus, cinnamon and jasmine to baby powder and their looks are among the most captivating and charming of all flowers.