This Is Why You’ll Love Silk Plants In Your San Diego Home Or Office

silk plants san diegoI often come across the same reaction when I suggest someone a silk plant for their arrangement – the surprised, slightly confused and even suspicious pause and a look that almost says: Aren’t you supposed to promote live plants? Yes, and exactly because I’m a professional I know when a silk plant would work better than a live one.

If you still imagine a crudely-cut loudly-painted flower-wannabe when you hear the words “silk plant”, you should update your idea of them. Silk plants – faux, artificial or fake plants – have evolved immensely in their visual and tactile appeal. At least when we are talking about silk plants in San Diego. There could be places that don’t have beautiful-looking silk plants easily available, but that’s not your case. San Diego Botanicals offers full-scale design and maintenance services for silk plants in San Diego that provide premium quality at competitive prices.

And here’s why we would recommend silk plants for your residential or commercial space.

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Clean Indoor and Outdoor Silk Plants in 5 Minutes

Indoor Cleaning - SIlk Plants San DiegoSilk plants are definitely easier to maintain than natural plants. You don’t have to water them (actually, you mustn’t); there is no need for trimming them or collecting the dry leaves. However, like on any immovable object, it is easier for dust, dirt and cobwebs to form on them. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly. Some silk plants are pretty delicate, so you have to be extra careful not to ruin them. There are many ideas that silk plants San Diego owners have tried, and we have gathered the most time-saving and efficient ways to clean both your indoor and outdoor plants. It doesn’t take more than five minutes a week.

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