Common Pests That Will Attack Your Plants San Diego

Aphids on plants San DiegoAstonishing indoor plants are an eye candy for us, but to some they’re a three-course meal. Some plants are naturally prone to certain pests, but most will give in to them when they’re stressed. To prevent this, you should try and ensure your plants are healthy and happy in the first place. If you can’t manage on your own, call San Diego Botanicals. We’d love to help!

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The Fundamental Glossary for Growing Plants San Diego

Here is a glossary of most commonly used terms in gardening. To budding gardeners it will provide a reference point and a basic idea of the most typical gardening practices. While you certainly can venture in the beautiful world of gardening on your own, you don’t have to go it alone. Consider getting professional help, at least until you get the hang of it. San Diego Botanicals are a full-service interiorscaping company with over 4 decades of experience and expertise with over 4 decades of experience and expertise. Call us at 619-579-3992 for a free consultation on decorating your residential or commercial space with plants San Diego. We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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Designing Space With Plants

Lobby Plant Design - Plants San DiegoThe idea behind professionally designed plantscapes is to provoke a response from everyone who looks at the plants. The designers at San Diego Botanicals fully understand the governing principles behind plantscaping and always strive to achieve an emotional connection between the client, the plant and the visitor. Well-groomed plants never fail to make a space feel warmer, healthier and more pleasant. Regardless how big your plantscaping project is, San Diego Botanicals can help you reach the desired result following these principles.

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