Preserved Or Silk Plants San Diego – What Soothes Your Soul?

Preserved or silk plants San DiegoWe’ve already compared live and silk plants San Diego, but how do you choose between silk and preserved plants? For those of us who lack the green thumb, both options sound marvelous as they both have extremely low maintenance expectations. At first glance, it seems like you cannot go wrong either way. Still, there are differences and we hope to help you make the best call with this side-by-side comparison between preserved and silk plants San Diego.

Visual appeal

Preserved plants are all-natural and yes, even fragrant, while silk plants are just natural-looking, but that does not make them any less convincing. What’s more, faux plants are extremely durable and therefore remain equally appealing in the visual sense regardless of the conditions and for what is virtually a lifetime. Preserved plants, on the other hand, can stay beautiful for years, but only under optimum conditions.

Pet & children safety

Both are safe for children and pets, so you needn’t ever worry about poisoning or allergies. Still, to keep preserved plants safe and sound, they should be kept out of reach of your munchkins and your animal friends.

Care & maintenance

In this sense, faux plants win by a mile. Although both require very little maintenance (zero watering and zero soil), preserved plants may never leave the safety of your home and must stay indoors at all times. On the other hand, silk plants, much like artwork, pretty much require only the occasional dusting and wiping.

What’s more, long exposure to sunlight and heat sources will cause preserved plants harm, which is not the case with silk plants which can survive literally anywhere. Humidity level should be kept at about 70% to secure longevity and prosperity of preserved plants, while silk plants are unaffected by it.

Longevity & sensitivity

As mentioned, silk plants are sturdy and resilient and will therefore thrive under any conditions. You can literally keep them forever. Preserved plants, on the other hand, are somewhat more fragile, so touching them is not advisable. However, if you are careful and keep them out of harm’s way, you can enjoy their company for many happy years.


As far as the price goes, silk plants should fit anyone’s budget, while preserved plants are somewhat pricier. Still, unlike live plants which require potentially costly maintenance, both silk and preserved plants are entirely affordable. Due to both of these types of plants being undemanding in terms of maintenance, there are basically no costs past the initial purchase.

San Diego Botanicals proudly presents the most life-like preserved and silk plants San Diego

If you should choose preserved or silk plants San Diego over live ones, the overall ambiance in your home will still be lively and the end-result deeply fulfilling. These beauties are not only vibrant and evergreen regardless of the time of year, but also incredibly low-maintenance. Call us today and let us make your home a happier place!

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