Ideas for a Stunning Succulent Garden

Succulent house plants San DiegoAs you must have noticed by now, spring is in full swing. Delightful house plants San Diego will only bring more of that sweet spring magic and  sheer joy into your home. And nothing says spring like the sight of lush, gorgeous succulents.

The introduction of succulent house plants San Diego will make your home truly come alive. Owing to the potent little wonders of nature, you’ll kickstart every day with spring in your step. Not only are succulents tough little guys that you’ll enjoy growing, but they can also easily be styled into a hip and chic indoor or outdoor garden in all shapes and sizes.

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Preserved Or Silk Plants San Diego – What Soothes Your Soul?

Preserved or silk plants San DiegoWe’ve already compared live and silk plants San Diego, but how do you choose between silk and preserved plants? For those of us who lack the green thumb, both options sound marvelous as they both have extremely low maintenance expectations. At first glance, it seems like you cannot go wrong either way. Still, there are differences and we hope to help you make the best call with this side-by-side comparison between preserved and silk plants San Diego.

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Pothos – A Practically Effortless Way to Start Off Your Indoor Collection of Plants San Diego

So you’ve made up your mind and decided that you want your home to be closer to nature.  After reading our handy list of what pests to be on the lookout for and gained some much-needed insight into the inner-workings of plants, you’re ready to get started. But where to start? When it comes to plants San Diego, we recommend starting off with a simple beauty that will enrich your life, beautify your home and help you learn your gardening 101 in an easy and practical way. Introducing: pothos.

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Aglaonema – A Prime Example of Lush Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants San Diego

Aglaonema - indoor plants San DiegoBefore you start creating your indoor garden, whether you’re looking to enhance the appeal of your office or breathe new life into your home (quite literally), you’ll need to arm yourself with knowledge.  Other than going over common plant diseases to be mindful of and learning the basic tricks of the trade,  you’ll need to choose which indoor plants San Diego to incorporate into the said garden. With its lush foliage and easy maintenance, aglaonema is a wonderful and near-perfect plant to start with.

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Bathroom Plants in San Diego Homes

Bathroom plants San DiegoHow can you make your home stand out? How can you get effects of redecoration in an instant and for a song? Put some well-chosen plants in strategic places and voila – enjoy the new vibes!

There are a bunch of plants that can fit well in the bathroom environment, but the choice has to correspond to the conditions your bathroom will provide. Most bathrooms are low-lit and have only a small window or no window at all. It is also very common to have small bathrooms or little free space in them. When you take these specifics into account and the fact that humidity in bathrooms is high, you will get your perfect match.

Here are some suggestions.

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