The Wonders of Biophilia

Office plant service San Diego - biophiliaYou are probably aware by now that office plants are so much more than eye candy. Plants are incredibly generous and have the power to benefit your business in a myriad ways. A professional office plant service San Diego can design your office space so that you can not only attract more customers, but also make your employees happier. One of the secrets behind this is a magical phenomenon called biophilia.

You want the office plant service San Diego that you hire to understand why biophilia is of such vital importance for your business. Every step closer to nature is a step toward both absolute well-being on a personal and collective level and extraordinary business triumph.

So, what is biophilia?

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Grow Plants to Grow Your Business

Grow business with corporate plant serviceThere is no wrong way to go about adding plants to your office space, and absolutely no reason not to do it. There’s more to plants in a place of business than mere visual appeal. With the right office design enhanced with plants, you’ll see your business thrive. Plants are not a purely aesthetic addition to your office, they are an absolute godsend. Aside from boosting workplace productivity, they create a warm atmosphere that your employees will enjoy and your clients will find inviting and welcoming. Choose a corporate plant service with the experience and expertise to make your place of business stand out and your business flourish!

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Corporate Plant Service Benefits: Why Should You Have Plants in Your Business Space?

Corporate Plant ServiceThere’s much more to plants than a pretty face: they can improve the well-being of those who spend time around them and they can also enhance the atmosphere of the space. If you still haven’t used plants to design your interior corporate space consider the manifold subtle benefits that greens can deliver to your co-workers and visitors.

To really feel the difference you need one potted plant per 100 square feet, according to some estimates. You can also get the plants that would help you with the unique demands of your space – for example, if the air is quite polluted, you can focus on those varieties that clean the air.

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How To Choose The Right Corporate Plant Service?

Corporate Plant ServiceYour office may have made a New Year’s resolution to brighten up the space with plants or to change your corporate plant vendor. If you are given the task of finding one, you may feel a bit at a deep end.

The best pointer is to think about what exactly you want, don’t want and may want in the future. You don’t have to have crystal-clear ideas, but you should know approximately what you would need from your corporate plant service.

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the process.

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