Make Your Silk Plants San Diego Look Astonishing

Astonishing silk plants San DiegoSilk plants have been with us for a long, long time. And they have come to resemble their real counterparts so much, that quite often they’ll fool an untrained eye. While there is an impressive bunch of reasons why silk plants San Diego are a fantastic choice, many are still hesitant about them. People often say fake plants look sad, dusty, tired and dated, but the appeal of silk plants hinges greatly on the quality of the manufacturing materials, the arrangement they are put in, and the place and care they are given.

If you don’t know your way around plants, silk plants could be your ticket to a gorgeous florally decorated home. However, even decorating with silk plants produces best results with the help of professional knowledge and experience. If you’d like to plantscape your home or office with real plants or silk plants San Diego, call us! San Diego Botanicals has been in the business for more than 4 decades. Our growing experience, knowledge and customer base, together with our tried-and-tested partner vendors, ensure our customers’ satisfaction. We can design and maintain your plants at the most affordable rates. Call us right away at 619 579 3992!

Variety is the spice of life

Silk plants industry is super vast and growing – an incredible array of plants and flowers can be found. So, just like you would vary regular plants, mix and match different faux plants to create a convincing effect. You can match your silk plants San Diego with some real plants. If there’s a plant that you find particularly difficult to grow or maintain, the silk version is just what you need.

Experiment with containers

Containers are a make-or-break detail with any plant. Containers can bring out the best in your plant or flower. It can make the plant a gorgeous centerpiece or a subtle detail, regardless of whether we are talking about live or faux plants. Consider pots and cachepots, vases, bowls, baskets, teapots and bins. The choice branches out further into classic, modern, contemporary, vintage and retro styles. And then there’s also the whole gamut of materials like wood, glass, metal, pottery, porcelain, etc. Your choice should take into account the type and size of the plant, the place it will take, the décor of the room and the intended effect.

Keep them in good company

Choose where you’ll place your plant and what will surround it. If you choose stylish and classy objects, those qualities will transfer to the whole arrangement. Mirrors, candlesticks and artistic ornaments will make good props.

Matching a silk plant with something that has a patina to it and looks old will make it blend seamlessly and more difficult for anyone to spot their artificiality.

Make them sparkle

Even though their maintenance is pretty effortless, your silk plants do require some cleaning to look their best. Read our post about cleaning your silk plants in 5 minutes. Basically, you need to wipe them from time to time. And while many are put off by silk plants, thinking they are dust collectors, that’s not entirely true. Real plants also require cleaning and dusting. The better care you take of your silk plants, the more beautiful they will look and the longer they will last.

Small hacks

If you go for blossoms in glass bowls, for example, you should use a gel filler that imitates water. You can also put some stones, pebbles or moss to cover up the fact that your plant needs no soil or water.