The Most Resilient House Plants To Brighten Up Your Home

House plants often remind us of something delicate and sensitive – too sensitive to be taken on by those not given to gardening. Luckily, there are many plants that will thrive in low-light places and even if you neglect them. These actually like to be left alone, so they are perfect for the forgetful gardeners.

Pothos - House Plants San DiegoPothos

Pothos will like any room, just put it in low indirect light. It’s a low-maintenance vining house plant that will go up a trellis or you can just leave it to creep downwards from the hanging basket. Pothos comes in a variety of colors and bi-colors such as green, chartreuse, yellow, white and silver. It should be watered when the soil feels dry. If it gets leggy, it can be trimmed.

ZZ plant

If you are looking for a plant that will put up with both low light and abuse, this is your plant. This plant, which is native to Africa, has a surprisingly low need for light and it will thrive even in fluorescent light. It also does well in dry conditions, so if you are often on the road, don’t worry you’ll come home to a dead plant. Rest assured that ZZ plant looks beautiful too. Its upright stems with shiny waxy dark green leaves arch slightly. It’s also watered when the top feels dry.

Cast iron plant

The name says it all, does it not? There is really little you can do to kill this plant as it really justifies its name. It will live happily in a dim corner with sporadic watering. This tough plant with narrow dark green leaves isn’t a fast grower, so it probably won’t need a bigger pot. It usually reaches 2 to 3 feet in height.


This Chinese evergreen, as it was traditionally called, will bring light into the dark corners of your home. It doesn’t mind dry soil, so it doesn’t ask for much. It has wonderful almond-shaped waxy leaves sprouting like a bush. It comes in usual bicolors of green and chartreuse.

Moth orchid

This elegant and sophisticated plant will bust the stereotypes you might have about orchids. It will probably come as a surprise, but more orchids are killed by overwatering than underwatering. Moth orchids come in a variety of colors and bicolors and they will appreciate a low-light place in your home. Their specificity is that they grow in bark or moss and when you feel that base is dry you should water them.

Ponytail palm

Ponytail palm, or elephant’s foot palm, appears in various sizes, from a tabletop plant to a full tree, but they all have the straplike leaves waving down from the chubby trunk. The trunk acts as water storage, so the plant won’t be thirsty even if you leave it unwatered for a few weeks. It’s a very forgiving elegant plant that will spark up any room.

Spider plant

This is another forgiving plant with a curious name and appearance. Relax, it didn’t get its name from spiders that like to spin their webs on it. No, it’s also called an airplane plant because it has shoots springing with baby plants at their end – it’s very cute. Spider plant can be put on a tabletop or in a hanging basket. Of course it likes low indirect light and in winter it likes to be misted from time to time.

Yucca cane

Even though this plant is native to the desert, it will be perfectly happy to live in low light indoors. It won’t grow quickly in darkish conditions but you can still enjoy its green sword-like foliage and tan bark. As it’s a desert plant, it should be lightly watered only when the soil feels like it needs it.

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