Designing Space With Plants

Lobby Plant Design - Plants San DiegoThe idea behind professionally designed plantscapes is to provoke a response from everyone who looks at the plants. The designers at San Diego Botanicals fully understand the governing principles behind plantscaping and always strive to achieve an emotional connection between the client, the plant and the visitor. Well-groomed plants never fail to make a space feel warmer, healthier and more pleasant. Regardless how big your plantscaping project is, San Diego Botanicals can help you reach the desired result following these principles.


Plants can act as a unifying element in a space, be it the whole building or just a room. The space plays an important role in determining the choice of plants and containers. First of all, it affects how big the plants and their containers will be. The factors that are taken into consideration are the structural design, the furniture and the traffic routes.

Entrances are a wonderful place to create a positive first impression on the visitor’s part. Our designers focus on entrances and lobbies to make strong statements about the values of the company or homeowners. Lobbies and entrances lend themselves great to robust, larger-scale plant designs in appropriate containers. These designs naturally draw the eye to themselves.

Then there are two types of plants – the focal plants and the smaller, complementing ones. Focal plants should be placed strategically to command attention and they are supposed to be bigger. Smaller plants should lead the onlooker’s eye to the focal pieces.

Finally, small spaces naturally require smaller-scale plants and decorative pots, which is not to say that smaller plants cannot be as striking as larger plants. San Diego Botanicals can help you choose just the right kind of plant to bring out the best in your small space.

Balance and rhythm

A properly done plantscaping design should infallibly bring a sense of balance in the space. First, the number and size of the plants shouldn’t overwhelm the space. Otherwise, plants can detract from the environment and miss the desired effect. Secondly, the number of varieties should also be limited, to achieve continuity and rhythm. This is also determined by the size of the space, but generally, four to five varieties are enough.

Balance should also be maintained when it comes to the visual impact of the plant and the corresponding pot. It is generally appropriate to keep the ratio 2:1 in favor of the plant. A tall voluminous pot will go nicely with a beefy plant, such as a Spathiphillym or a Yucca plant.

The designers at San Diego Botanicals pay special attention to the predominant style of the building when choosing pots. It’s a minor detail which contributes significantly to the overall sense of harmony. For example, Asian urns fit fantastically in more rustic spaces, whereas clean, maybe brushed chrome or glass pots go better with the contemporary sleek style.

Texture and variegation

Moods are also created through layering of the plants and variegation. Focal pieces can have groundcover plants that heighten the feel of texture. Variegated foliage brings a color interest. The different combinations of opposites, like light and dark, soft and strong, gentle and crisp, will all stimulate the senses, add texture and produce rhythm.

House plants and corporate plants San Diego

If you would like to embark on a plantscaping remodel of your home or office space in San Diego, make sure you give San Diego Botanicals a call. We offer you complimentary design services and regular plant maintenance at very affordable prices. We have been in interior plantscaping for decades. It would be our pleasure to work with you to make your space feel more inviting, pleasant and in line with your values. Feel free to call us today and find out more about our plantscaping magic!