Corporate Plant Service Benefits: Why Should You Have Plants in Your Business Space?

Corporate Plant ServiceThere’s much more to plants than a pretty face: they can improve the well-being of those who spend time around them and they can also enhance the atmosphere of the space. If you still haven’t used plants to design your interior corporate space consider the manifold subtle benefits that greens can deliver to your co-workers and visitors.

To really feel the difference you need one potted plant per 100 square feet, according to some estimates. You can also get the plants that would help you with the unique demands of your space – for example, if the air is quite polluted, you can focus on those varieties that clean the air.

Breathe better air

Many office spaces suffer from the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), which is manifested in persistent colds and minor health problems that cause the workers to take sick leaves often. Poor air quality, dry air, insufficient natural light and dust are thought to contribute to the syndrome.

One way of fighting these issues is using plants to increase the humidity, regulate indoor temperature and filter the microbes. Leaves of plants have large surfaces that exchange gasses and water with the air around them, thus creating a microclimate. This way they trap the dust, pollution and toxins from the air, which helps reduce respiratory problems.

You can refer to the famous NASA Clean Air Study to find out more about air-purifying plants or you can call us at 619-579-3992 to find out how our corporate plant service can help you with indoor air pollution.

Feel better and more productive

Plants can subtly make us feel better, probably as a result of some hard-wired deep-rooted connection with the nature that is inherently human. On top of being helpful in tackling health issues, plants can also boost our creativity and cognitive skills like memory. While pictures of plants could have the same effect, they wouldn’t provide the air improving qualities of live plants.

Plants can boost the energy levels on one hand and also bring harmony and a sense of calm. There is abundant evidence that greenery works great in learning environments and places where people recover, such as hospitals.

Our knowledgeable interior plantscaping designers and technicians would be happy to assist you in choosing the right plants for your workspace that would promote the environment you wish.

Enjoy less background noise

You can only look at the screen so long and you can only listen to other people’s conversations so much. A corporate plant service can help you design the interior in such a way that background noise is kept low. It’s the principle that has been used to neutralize the noise from busy roads.

With less background noise, the space feels more pleasant and it’s easier to concentrate. If your workspace has a lot of hard surfaces, you could really use some plants to absorb the noise.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at San Diego Botanicals to find out more how you can get premium plantscaping design and maintenance for your business at the most affordable rates in San Diego.