San Diego Corporate Plant Service: Most Attractive Large Office Plants

If you have a lot of negative space in your office, you would do well to leverage the attractiveness of large plants to command attention. Large plants, much like large art, look fascinating when they have room and when they are strategically placed in focal points. Not only do they make the environment more beautiful, but some of them are also great air-purifying plants. Here are some of the best large indoor plants, put forward as ideas by your trusted San Diego corporate plant service.

Corporate plant service - Yucca


Yucca is a forgiving palm-like tree that can go on for weeks without watering, which makes it great for forgetful gardeners or those who travel a lot. Of course, when you hire San Diego Botanicals to take care of your corporate plants, you need not worry about their watering schedule. Yucca will quickly shoot up if it has enough light. It’s a great choice for a window spot in lobbies and receptions.

Philodendron tree

Beautifully beefy and lush, Philodendron tree emanates energy and upbeat vibes. It likes indirect sunlight and doesn’t appreciate to have the soil dry out between waterings. Could be a nicely set between armchairs in a lounge, or next to the reception desk. It can also serve as a room divider because of its volume.

Corporate plant service - Ficus


The intricate foliage set in a round crown topping elegantly intertwined stalks make ficus a lovely accent in any space. It needs some knowledgeable care, though. However, it is quite long-lived, like the other gorgeous trees in this family (for example, fiddle leaf fig and rubber tree).


This is an easily recognizable and common house plant with lovely, flower-like variegated leaves. Durable and resilient, it requires little in terms of care, but appreciates abundant indirect sunlight all day.

Corporate plant service - Jade

Jade plant

The fact this versatile plant is a succulent says it all when it comes to care. It’s one of those plants that are very hard to kill with neglect. It easily grows in pots and can reach quite impressive height and width. It can be trimmed the way you want it to be, so there are lots of design options.


If you have roomy space next to an east-facing window, consider Dracaena, one of the all-time favorites when it comes to large indoor plants. Its glossy lance-like variegated leaves are fond of morning sunlight.

Monstera deliciosa

This luxuriant tropical-evoking plant packs a big punch. It’s a fabulous statement plant that can achieve the result of expensive, sophisticated furniture. Save the money and enhance your space with this fantastic corporate plant.


On that tropical note, palms are always a right choice. They are not needy and like indirect sunlight or partial direct sunlight. Pony tail is charming, but there are also arecca palm, bamboo palm, etc.

Bird of paradise

A spot of direct sunlight over a few hours a day will nicely host this gorgeous plant. Its stunning flowers seem to glide over the spoon-like leaves that spike out in a thick fan. It’s definitely a plant that compels attention.