Common Pests That Will Attack Your Plants San Diego

Aphids on plants San DiegoAstonishing indoor plants are an eye candy for us, but to some they’re a three-course meal. Some plants are naturally prone to certain pests, but most will give in to them when they’re stressed. To prevent this, you should try and ensure your plants are healthy and happy in the first place. If you can’t manage on your own, call San Diego Botanicals. We’d love to help!

Aphids on your plants San Diego: very indiscriminate

Aphids are oval-shaped insects from the family Aphidiae. More often than not, they’ll be green, but they can also come in a variety of colors, such as black, brown, orange, yellow or pink. They can be plainly spotted on the underside of leaves and around new growth, especially buds. This is because they feed on the plant sap and they get to it quicker in these places. Because they drain the plant of its sap, the leaves turn yellow, misshaped and finally shed. New growth will appear stunted. Their infestations spread very quickly because of two facts: they reach adulthood in a matter of 10 days and they can crawl and fly.

Mites on your plants San Diego: all Dracaena plants, Aglaonema, Crassula, Hedera, Shefflera arboricola, peace lily, crotons, palms

Spider mites look like spiders. Truth be told, we can’t really say that they look like them because they’re too tiny to be seen with the naked eye. But they give away spider-like signs that they’re there. If your plants have spider mites, you’ll see mottled leaves and web hanging around stems and leaves. This goes especially for Dracaena marginata, Hedera, crotons and palms.

Cyclamen mites are also fond of Dracaena plants. If you have them, you should always be alert. They are also often found on Aglaonema, Crassula, Shefflera arboricola and peace lily.

Scale on your plants San Diego: Ficus, cactus and peace lily

There are two major types of scale. The first type is soft scale, which is dark and produces a sticky substance called honeydew. Honeydew promotes mold growth. The second type is hard scale, which has a hard whitish shell and doesn’t produce honeydew. Both types have shells, which makes the task of removing them a bit more challenging. In the beginning, they can be scraped off.

Whiteflies on your plants San Diego: they don’t really pick and choose

These look like tiny white moths. If you shake the plant, they will fly up and settle again. Leaves will turn yellow and there will be stunted growth.

Mealy bugs on your plants San Diego: Aglaonema, croton, pothos

If you see fuzzy little bugs on the underside of your plants’ leaves, you can almost be sure they’re mealybugs. These are really pesky, because they spread quickly and don’t discriminate among their victims. What’s more, they often get under the plant skin, which makes spraying them less effective.

Get the help of professionals

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