How To Choose The Right Corporate Plant Service?

Corporate Plant ServiceYour office may have made a New Year’s resolution to brighten up the space with plants or to change your corporate plant vendor. If you are given the task of finding one, you may feel a bit at a deep end.

The best pointer is to think about what exactly you want, don’t want and may want in the future. You don’t have to have crystal-clear ideas, but you should know approximately what you would need from your corporate plant service.

Here are some guidelines to help you navigate the process.

Are they passionate?

You’ve surely met a professional who beams positive energy and enthusiasm about their work. Then you know how relaxed they make you feel and how you are more inclined to trust them. You usually need just a few interactions to see how the vendor feels about their work – if you can sense their passion and commitment, chances are high those are the core values integrated in their services.

Are they good listeners?

Does the vendor have enough empathy and compassion to connect with you and offer you a solution that targets your unique needs and wishes?

Not everyone is a good listener, but every good vendor must be.

When vendors are good listeners that actually indicates a high level of expertise. They have enough knowledge and experience to really understand what you are telling them. Average or bad vendors will give you cookie-cutter solutions either because they are not apt at listening or because they don’t have the resources to give you the solution that fits your business environment.

Are they qualified?

Even if you have a positive gut feeling about a vendor, you should make sure they have the knowledge and skills to deliver. Experience can usually give you a good idea about this. However, training is important as well.

Experience and training give some guarantee that the vendor knows how to handle issues and problems in a timely manner before they turn into a disaster. They should be well acquainted with plant biology, pest and disease control and planting and installation methods.

Belonging to business trades and associations usually means the vendor is required to pursue on-going training and certification, besides indicating a commitment to excellence.

Do they provide good customer service?

You could think this goes without saying, and you’re right, but it’s in short supply these days.

The vendor should always act with professionalism, compassion and nice manners. They should show understanding for issues and readiness to remedy them promptly. They should also be easily available.

It’s not just your interaction with the vendor’s staff, but also the image the technicians would present if they are seen or met by your clients. If the technicians are impolite, distant or unapproachable, that impression could project to your company.

Do they offer good value for money?

It is true that you get what you pay for. So, what is that? Good value for money doesn’t mean shopping for the price, although that is important.

If you choose the vendor with the lowest rates, but your plants are drooping and yellow, you are not getting value for money, you are simply wasting time and money.

When the price is reasonable, it means that the vendor will invest enough time into servicing your plants and pay the technician accordingly (which also signals a better service probably).

A fair price should extend to plants too. Bear in mind that plants which are grown especially for interiorscape purposes have to be grown slowly and in shade, which means they are more expensive. However, it also means they are sturdier and can acclimate to the office environment, which usually lower light levels and dry air.

Good value for money extends to the responsibilities of the servicing technicians as well. Are they able and trained to respond to problems quickly and on their own, rather than wait for the manager to show up?

Are you looking for a trusted corporate plant service?

San Diego Botanicals is a trusted and reputable, local corporate plant service with experience that spans decades. Whatever you needs may be, we can respond to them with customized solutions based on our vast knowledge of interiorscaping and our passion for excellence. We guarantee our customers integrity, availability, professionalism and unrivalled customer care. If you are interested in enhancing your office environment with plants, don’t hesitate to contact us – we would like to hear from you and assist you in making your office a place everyone wants to be in.