Concentration-Boosting Home Office Plants Turn Every Corner of Your Home into a ‘High-Productivity Zone’

Home Office Plants - Office Plants San DiegoDo you have a separate room to serve as your home office or do you shift from your kitchen to the living-room until you end up in the garden, looking for a quiet enough place to work? If this sounds familiar, you know how easy it is to get distracted. Strangely enough, if you happen to work at home, you might find it even harder to concentrate than in the office. Luckily, almost any part of your home can be your home office as long as you make it a ‘high-productivity zone’. Forget coffee or energy drinks – there is no better way to achieve this than to introduce natural concentration enhancers: low-maintenance home office plants that will give you plenty of fresh air and a clear head. Take a look at our ultimate home office plants San Diego guide.

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Clean Indoor and Outdoor Silk Plants in 5 Minutes

Indoor Cleaning - SIlk Plants San DiegoSilk plants are definitely easier to maintain than natural plants. You don’t have to water them (actually, you mustn’t); there is no need for trimming them or collecting the dry leaves. However, like on any immovable object, it is easier for dust, dirt and cobwebs to form on them. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly. Some silk plants are pretty delicate, so you have to be extra careful not to ruin them. There are many ideas that silk plants San Diego owners have tried, and we have gathered the most time-saving and efficient ways to clean both your indoor and outdoor plants. It doesn’t take more than five minutes a week.

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