The Fundamental Glossary for Growing Plants San Diego

Here is a glossary of most commonly used terms in gardening. To budding gardeners it will provide a reference point and a basic idea of the most typical gardening practices. While you certainly can venture in the beautiful world of gardening on your own, you don’t have to go it alone. Consider getting professional help, at least until you get the hang of it. San Diego Botanicals are a full-service interiorscaping company with over 4 decades of experience and expertise with over 4 decades of experience and expertise. Call us at 619-579-3992 for a free consultation on decorating your residential or commercial space with plants San Diego. We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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Which Large Indoor Plants San Diego Purify the Air?

Air purifying large indoor plants San DiegoWe spend around 90 percent of our time indoors. That’s quite a lot, you’ll agree. Plants are a fabulous way of enhancing the indoor experience and feel of your space, regardless of whether it’s your home, office or commercial space. Plants help reduce noise in offices, add appeal to the space and some of them even purify the air. NASA has explored this matter and publishes it in a study. A significant and surprising number of pollutants can be found in wood polishes, lacquers, glues, adhesives, carpets, drapes, etc. That means that practically any space can benefit from having some air purifying plants. However, commercial spaces like nail and beauty salons would particularly benefit from having some of the plants from our list. Here is our selection of the most practical and versatile large indoor plants San Diego that will make the air you breathe better.

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Make Your Silk Plants San Diego Look Astonishing

Astonishing silk plants San DiegoSilk plants have been with us for a long, long time. And they have come to resemble their real counterparts so much, that quite often they’ll fool an untrained eye. While there is an impressive bunch of reasons why silk plants San Diego are a fantastic choice, many are still hesitant about them. People often say fake plants look sad, dusty, tired and dated, but the appeal of silk plants hinges greatly on the quality of the manufacturing materials, the arrangement they are put in, and the place and care they are given.

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Which Common Indoor Plants San Diego Are Poisonous To Pets?

Indoor plants San Diego that are poisonous to petsDecorating your living space with indoor plants San Diego takes a bit more planning and mindfulness if you have a pet. You may be surprised at the sheer number of common plants that are toxic to pets. Granted, their toxicity varies and the possibility of poisoning greatly depends on the personality and preferences of your pet. If they like to chew on things, you need to be very cautious of where you place your plants and which plants you bring into your home and garden. Check out our post on pet-friendly indoor plants.

Here are some of the regular plants and flowers that ask for trouble when you have a pet.

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Top Fragrant Indoor Plants for San Diego Homes

Fragrant indoor plants in San DiegoCertain indoor plants will not only enliven your space with colors and shapes, but they will also envelop your home in fragrance. The choice is wide, especially in the sunny and mild climate of Cali. Truth be told, some of these beautifully smelling plants will require daily, loving care in return for their scent. If you don’t have a green thumb, but would like to enrich your living space with indoor plants in San Diego, you can always get a trusted local plantscaping and maintenance service like San Diego Botanicals to take care of your plants.

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San Diego Corporate Plant Service: Most Attractive Large Office Plants

If you have a lot of negative space in your office, you would do well to leverage the attractiveness of large plants to command attention. Large plants, much like large art, look fascinating when they have room and when they are strategically placed in focal points. Not only do they make the environment more beautiful, but some of them are also great air-purifying plants. Here are some of the best large indoor plants, put forward as ideas by your trusted San Diego corporate plant service.

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Artificial House Plants in San Diego: How Did They Get Here?

Artificial House Plants in San DiegoYou may have seen a myriad of artificial house plants in San Diego without even knowing. Some faux plants are so visually convincing that you have to touch them to tell them apart from live plants and flowers. But – this wasn’t always the case. The technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and now artificial plants look nowhere near like their predecessors a couple of decades ago.

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Bathroom Plants in San Diego Homes

Bathroom plants San DiegoHow can you make your home stand out? How can you get effects of redecoration in an instant and for a song? Put some well-chosen plants in strategic places and voila – enjoy the new vibes!

There are a bunch of plants that can fit well in the bathroom environment, but the choice has to correspond to the conditions your bathroom will provide. Most bathrooms are low-lit and have only a small window or no window at all. It is also very common to have small bathrooms or little free space in them. When you take these specifics into account and the fact that humidity in bathrooms is high, you will get your perfect match.

Here are some suggestions.

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Corporate Plant Service Benefits: Why Should You Have Plants in Your Business Space?

Corporate Plant ServiceThere’s much more to plants than a pretty face: they can improve the well-being of those who spend time around them and they can also enhance the atmosphere of the space. If you still haven’t used plants to design your interior corporate space consider the manifold subtle benefits that greens can deliver to your co-workers and visitors.

To really feel the difference you need one potted plant per 100 square feet, according to some estimates. You can also get the plants that would help you with the unique demands of your space – for example, if the air is quite polluted, you can focus on those varieties that clean the air.

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Top Pet-Friendly House Plants in San Diego

Pets and plants don’t always go together, to the disappointment of many pet owners with green thumbs. Plants poisonous to cats and dogs are covered in more detail in another post, so here we will focus on what you can bring into your home without worrying about the safety of your furry friends.

The plants that are listed here are quite easy to grow, which is an added bonus.

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