Bathroom Plants in San Diego Homes

Bathroom plants San DiegoHow can you make your home stand out? How can you get effects of redecoration in an instant and for a song? Put some well-chosen plants in strategic places and voila – enjoy the new vibes!

There are a bunch of plants that can fit well in the bathroom environment, but the choice has to correspond to the conditions your bathroom will provide. Most bathrooms are low-lit and have only a small window or no window at all. It is also very common to have small bathrooms or little free space in them. When you take these specifics into account and the fact that humidity in bathrooms is high, you will get your perfect match.

Here are some suggestions.

Low-light plants for San Diego bathrooms

Lucky bamboo is a kind and charming plant that requires next to nothing in terms of care. It’s considered to bring Feng Shui in balance. If not that, the sight of it will probably brighten up your mornings. Lucky bamboo will grow in water if you really want to keep things minimalistic, just change the water every two weeks. For a prettier presentation, put some pebbles in the container. Lucky bamboo doesn’t need a lot of space and if you put it somewhere like recessed shelf, it will grow slower.

Dracaena plants boast around 40 varieties and are magnetic air filters. They thrive in low light and enjoy high humidity, although they will tolerate other environments. Decorating your bathroom with dracaena plants, or dragon plants, provides you with many beautiful, low-maintenance options.

English ivy is another fantastic air purifier that will also fit well in bathrooms that are on the smaller side. Put it in a hanging basket so that it can show off its elegant vines. Bathrooms are an excellent spot for English ivy as it thrives in low light and high humidity. Your ivy will be grateful and in return, it will filter the air free of mold.

Orchids make for compact bathroom plants that will bring a truly luxurious feel. Orchids delight in humidity and low light and despite what you might have heard, require low maintenance. You can put them next to the shower or sink, or on the windowsill if you have one in the bathroom.

Large plants for San Diego bathrooms

Dieffenbachia is a wonderful choice for spacey bathrooms. With the potential to spring to six feet in height, this gorgeous plant will really make an impression if you provide it enough room. Keep dieffenbachia in ample, indirect sunlight or fluorescent lighting and it will relish the high humidity.

Snake plant is also called Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Its firm, sword-like leaves grow unfalteringly upright, which is presumably why it got its “nickname”. This sturdy plant is extremely flexible in terms of light and humidity and is also a powerful purifier. If you give it space and put it on the floor, it is bound to make a compelling statement in your bathroom.

Window plants for San Diego bathrooms

You won’t make a mistake with peace lily, which also belongs to the air-purifying club of plants. Its rich and glossy dark green leaves, crowned from time to time with a delicate white flower, will lend your bathroom a feel of elegance and good taste. If given enough space it will grow beefy. For best results put it near the window so it can get some indirect sunlight.

Pothos, although very forgiving and undemanding, does best in bright indirect light. Works very well in hanging baskets, but you can simply place it on the windowsill. Its marbled, variegated heart-shaped leaves will trail gracefully and cheerfully, bringing a beautiful accent to your bathroom.

Would you like more help with indoor plants in San Diego?

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