Artificial House Plants in San Diego: How Did They Get Here?

Artificial House Plants in San DiegoYou may have seen a myriad of artificial house plants in San Diego without even knowing. Some faux plants are so visually convincing that you have to touch them to tell them apart from live plants and flowers. But – this wasn’t always the case. The technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and now artificial plants look nowhere near like their predecessors a couple of decades ago.

Artificial house plants have been significantly longer with us than one would expect. Some say they were invented more than 1,000 years ago in China. First faux plants were made of silk and were the prerogative of the royal family. The trend slowly spread among the higher class and crossed the sea when Chinese merchants started trading with Japan and Korea.

From there, artificial plants are said to have reached Italy first, in all of Europe. This was in the 12th century. However, Italians were surpassed as masters in the artificial plant craft by the French, who advanced the manufacturing technology. The French remained virtuosos of this art and craft until the end of 18th century. The upheaval caused by the French Revolution in the 1790s led a considerable number of artisans to flee to the neighboring England. From there, the trend was brought to America with the settlers.

The Victorian era was a kind of Renaissance for artificial house plants. Victorians worshipped flowers and every suitable spot had to be adorned with a floral arrangement. During this era, the technology of manufacture improved and new materials were introduced to make faux plants – satin, velvet, calico, muslin, cambric, crepe, gauze, wood, porcelain, palm leaves and metal. A cult of flowers emerged and messages were conveyed by the choice of flowers in a bouquet, not only by the attached message. It’s not a wonder that artificial plants were in high demand – they were more durable, resilient, easy to maintain and available in all seasons.

Artificial flowers have seen a wide and varied application in interior decoration and fashion. They have demonstrated superiority over live flowers in a number of ways and have never looked more realistic than today. If you are considering decorating your home or commercial space with artificial house plants in San Diego, make sure you call San Diego Botanicals. We are your local family business with 40+ years of experience and a strong customer base. Call us at 619-579-3992 and book a consult today!